Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Something beyond thought but satisfy greatly

I was doing a show on Sunita Williams and was engulfed in live pictures of Sunita Williams with her two associate astronauts inside Soyuz satellite. They leaved Earth at sharp 8.10 a.m for 120 days research at space. We had a young Indian space scientist as guest in our studio and what he said about our existence was mind turner. He showed us a picture of Earth taken from Mars by a satellite. There Earth was looking just like light particles. If the Earth is nothing but light particles then how we could imagine about us a creature with a body of bones and fleshes and a soul inside it. We all understand and believe that Soul is a light particle and from where it comes and goes is a mystery. Here it could be thought that If Earth is a light particle, our soul is a light particle then certainly we all as a body is also a light particle that could be transmitted anywhere like light particles. Already we have been playing with the concept of Virtual that is nothing but light particles. We all see pictures on television directly being telecast from various places and from inside studio…these pictures are light particles and the shown body remains inside studio or other places…the great buildings or three dimensional set behind the anchor are also nothing but light particles made by graphic designer. Here in this regard I just have understand that light is not only life but it is the producer of life and could multiply fast, travel fast and exist everywhere. If light can travel from Sun to Earth in 8 minutes crossing all possible environments and exists for ever then we must not think about extinction of life from the Earth.  Earth being a light particle can travel anywhere in the cosmos with all its life and emotions within life. We people on Earth can travel anywhere in Cosmos as light particle and certainly will have existence for ever. There is no question about the existence of light particles. So with little knowledge I just say that all the corruption, all the misery, all the atrocities, all the selfishness, all the agonies are nothing but a play of ignorant people who fear about the existent of life. These all things already have been proved by our great saints in various mythological epics…I just tried to understand scientifically. Thanks to all great scientists who are about to reach on miraculous discovery…Just enjoy peaceful and pious life…it is going to exist for ever…

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Violence after the murder of a violent man

Brahmeshwar Singh Mukhiya, founder of Ranveer Sena and known as massacre man was shot dead. He was released after nine years of imprisonment and his Ranvir Sena was declared an anti national organisation. His death was an another killing that should be taken care by law and order institutions of Bihar but people saw an huge uproar and various political statements on his murder. Lalu yadav have demanded CBI inquiry...most of the top police officers promised to have speedy investigation...residence of Chief Minister of Bihar was cordoned by followers of Brahmeshwar Sigh Mukhiya....These all things prove that how our political system has been criminalised and politicians can go upto any extent for their political politics is continued to ruin the social structure of our society... it is just the we people who need to understand the evil mind of political leaders and come forward to save our society and must not be a puppet in the hands of vote snatchers.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I don`t understand why so much harping about Nirmal Baba...I tried not to write anything about Nirmal Baba but media virus pulled me here to write. I am neither pro nor against of Nirmal Baba but I appreciate the magnetism of Nirmal baba that is worth of approx 240 crore in a year. Probably he is the  first baba of his kind who don`t run any trust to manage huge money that is flowing to him. He pays taxes of  all his  money because he could not hide his money as all the money have been reaching to him through bank account. How his money be considered corrupt money is a matter of discussion? Everything is open in his case. He never ask for any donation and never promises for any miracle. He uses the word KRIPA( blessing of God) and this word has created miracle in the minds of his millions of followers... He said in an interview that what is the power behind my saying I don`t know but all is truth...I am ready for any kind of test to prove my can call NASA people to test my truth...Nirmal Baba is above any cast, creed, race or religion...just pay money earliest and join his Sabha..if you don`t have money or could not get seat in his sabha, watch him on television              ( Coming on approx 40 channel) and your wish will be fulfilled...The thought he spread became magic for him...I personally don`t see any wonder in his success...our country`s men and women do worship Stone taking it as God...he is at least a  breathing man..and even in past, people have converted  few wonderful human being into God..nothing new in this time..Though I take Nirmal as corrupt Baba, here giving some logic that is absolutely in favour of Nirmal Baba..

Why targeted campaign against Nirmal baba  ? Nirmal baba pays huge money to buy time slot of Channels of his choice to run his program. A particular channel and Nirmal Baba got conflict and in the result channel started negative campaign...

Think of TRP...because of Nirmal baba`s program even a channel of low profile have come up in TRP race and it disturb the mind set of few big channels...the outcome is negative campaign...

After earning in millions from Nirmal baba, concern channels understood that baba was a corrupt...Is channels are being run by nonsense people..?
The brother in law of Nirmal baba ,a known politician came to know that Nirmal is corrupt only after thirty years of association, don`t you think it all nonsense...It is my gut feeling that all involve in negative campaign must wanted to have share in his huge corrupt money...

Nirmal baba is the result of more blind faith and less corrupt mind but it is all shrewdness that works in India.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Brave and beautiful Afghani girl Sabra Ahmedzai

Sabra Ahmedzai is a 23 years afghani girl, since three years fighting a case case of bigamy against her cheater and criminal minded husband named Dr.Major Chandrashekhar Pant in India.Actually Dr. Pant was posted in Indira Gandhi hospital at Kabul, Afghanistan where Sabra, a girl of 18tn years was working as translator. Sabra was the voice of patients for the Indian Doctors. Here Dr. Major Pant ...ried to lure Sabra but failed, then he went to a Maulavi and adopted Islam and became Himmat khan. He approached many times to the father of Sabra with marriage proposal with Sabra telling them that he was unmarried and had adopted Islam. Finally They accepted the proposal of Dr. Pant and Sabra was married to Dr. Major Pant following Islamic rituals and proper Nikahnama. It was a happy moment for the family of sabra and they captured entire ceremony through a video camera. Dr. pant enjoyed honeymoon for twenty days with Sabra and returned back to India. After six months of the marriage Dr. Pant unfolded the fact to Sabra through phone that he was earlier a married person and a father of two children so she must forget him and marriage somewhere else.Sabra thought Dr. was playing joke....but it was the only reality..sabra was cheated and raped by a indian Dr. Major Pant. Why I am posting Sabra`s story on is the answer..
Sabra came India with her mother in search of her husband Dr. Major Pant after two years of her fake marriage. Look at the point of view of Sabra...Sabra just wanted proper Talaq(Divorce) from Dr. Pant infront of those people who were witness of her Nikah (Marriage), Sabra could not lead anohter life without Talaq from her husband but Major Pant denied to give her divorce telling her that it was wrong committed by him and nothing more...he could give some money...Sabra felt another shock...her mother almost fainted...Brave Sabra took the behaviour of Dr.Pant as challange and lodged an F.I.R against DR.Major Pant. Few Ngos came forward to help Sabra and now she is winning...Dr. Major Pant was suspended from his job and court odered him to pay maintenance to Sabra criminal case is ahead against Dr. Major Pant...Now Sabra wanted to see him properly punished and ruined, earlier she just wanted to had divorce to lead a further life... A wrong doer must be punished...You can see Sabra on P7news on saturday(Today) at 3.27p.m and Sunday(tomorrow) at 2.27p.m. Story of Sabra will continue for next week also at the same day and time. 24th March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ex boyfriend of Hollywood actress filed a court case against her.

In today`s ht city I read a news with head line Berry`s Ex Demands 20k dollar.
Actor Halle Berry`s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has reportedly filed a legal suit against her asking Berry to pay him 20,000 thousand dollar per month. Aubry is the father of Berry`s daughter Nahla. Though Berry  is on back foot but fighting this law suit in court to save dollar 20,000 per month and the respect of not being guilty. The detail is not given in paper. It is a fact that Aubry is the father of berry`s daughter but not her ex husband. What could be the reason behind the demand of 20,000 dollar per month from a exflame by a ex boyfriend? Is it maintenance? Can a husband or boy friend or an unmarried father ask for maintenance from the women he made love and made her mother? The person facing 498a and other feminist laws must find this case a wonder in Indian Context but it is happening in west, and they are far ahead than us even in women empowerment. Case of halle Berry is like a  Dream for the men of Indian origin facing 498a and other feminist laws but gives a hope. Our law makers habitually imitate drafting the laws of west countries, they might come day honest.....