Thursday, 29 December 2011

Dead became alive in Parliament (Upper House)

It was almost evening of 29 December 2011. I switched on T.V to watch discussion on Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha. I saw Mr. Rajeev Shukla shouting Pramod Mahajan ko Bulao...Pramod Mahajan ko Bulao...wo bhi 2g mein  lipt thaa....wahi batayega...koi yahan dudh ka dhula nahin hai.....Honorable Speaker were repeatedly requesting to Rajeev Shukla...Naam mat lijiye...nam mat lijiye  but Mr. Rajeev had a deaf ear to listen request of speaker...he was shouting continuously....tum dudh ke dhule nahin ho...bulao Pramod Mahajan ko...It was a total loss of character of a parliamentarian...A shameless parliamentarian was calling a dead parliamentarian just to prove that every parliamentarian is corrupt (koi dudh ka dhula nahin hain) why to blame only members of Congress or UPA government. I feel pity. No any parliamentarian has courage to say inside Parliament that he/she is not corrupt, rather than they openly say don`t blame are also corrupt.All the Parliamentarians were playing blame game on corruption and trying to prove that other were more corrupt. Though they were discussing on Lokpal Bill and was very much clear from their mind that this Lokpal Bill had to fall in Rajya Sabha whatever it had been poorly drafted but had a finger to point out on their corruption.Discussion on Lokpal Bill in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha proved that few patliamentarians are super corrupt, few are less than super corrupt and all the rest are an average corrupt. For parliamentarians corruption is a part of system and it is injustice to call them corrupt. A maskhara parliamentarian from Bihar commonly known as the most corrupt politician were doing acting inside Lok Saba of a candidate fighting election .He was trying to prove that one becomes M.P after facing hundreds of hell and drowning lakhs of Ruppees. Why he does all that? Why you people expect an honest behaviour out of him. ARE BHAIYE UHO AADMI HAI KAMANE KE LIYE HI KHARCH KIYA HAI.It all rubbish. Anna did his best and Parliamentarians replied worst.Why any Parliamentarian will go for making such law that surely will punish the maker of the law. Why corrupt people will make law against corruption. Anna has to go long in his mission and people have to show their urge to fight against corruption. Rajeev Shukla was pleading inside Rajya Sabha...." Kanoon is made for hundred years...average sustainability of law is sixty years.. please don`t make such laws that will make you cry...Anna is putting pressure to make a law not to punish only members of Congress or Prime-Minister of UPA government but he is trying to punish all of us including our coming generations...(Actually Rajiv ji was telling that corruption was rooted into the veins of every body so please don`t try to remove was almost impossible). We have drafted a Strong Lokpal Bill making a good balance..try to understand it ..this lokpal bill will save us from many false cases as it has a provision to punish those people who will file false case against us.So in the fear of getting punishment of one year jail and and a fine of one lakh rupees people will not think any thing against us. At last he said Utho, Jago aur es  kanoon ko pass it will benefit all of us.We all had seen live telecast of winning moment of Corruption. Ameen   

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Least Corrupt State Bihar has declared Bihar the least corrupt State of India.It is a great relief for every Bihari. People of my generation living any where other than Bihar have grown up listening abuse oye- Bihari and other irritating sounds.Helplessness Boils but Biharis were not allowed to even boil. A jungle raaj forced us to migrate to survive first and then to have better carrer. People of all groups and status migrated from Bihar. A maskhara and illiterate politician became the chief minister of Bihar and ruled continuously for fifteen years. When constitutionally he was debarred to hold the chair of Chief-Minister bacause of the then biggest fodder scam, he gave his chair to a mother of ten children who  hardly could write her name . Her only quality was that she was his wife. Cast politics  Gunda Raaj and lawlessness  had become identity of Bihar and all Biharis were subject to abuse. Oye Bihari or oye Lalu were biggest abuse for every body other than Biharis.And for Biharis listening these words was nothing but helplessness.Biharis have established themselves with extreme of hard labour. To be a Bihari was a lacuna and a biggest hindrance in getting a break through. Biharis worked ten times harder and more to prove their mettle and made their masters slave of their works. Masters had no way except  abusing and giving works to Biharis. Bihari survived because of their mettle and an achieved quality to bear the pain of listening abuse and not to get heart. I am living in Delhi since almost 18tn years and hold this opinion that it was hard to get even single non-Behari who could not had abused Bihari directly or indirectly.When very first time I was travelling by air and put a question about wheel of air plane to my camera man , he simply told me oye Bihari Chup ho ja (Shut your mouth) but I opened my heart to one of Pilot and Pilot called one of engineer and then it took almost one hour to correct the fault(It was chartered plane carrying journalists) .After that Camera man praised me telling oye Behari you had brain. I felt abused again.
Political scenario changed in Bihar and it changed Bihar. Times of india reported that there was 40% drop in the migration of labour and Capital Delhi started feeling heat of lack of labour.How  a good governance can change the destiny of a state have been perfectly shown by the Chief Minister of Bihar Mr. NItish Kumar..
Now he just have achieved a new tag ...a bonafide Chief- Minister of least corrupt state Bihar. Time has changed for Biharis but people did not have changed their mind set  for Biharis. They work with the Bihari, but don`t like them, they depend on Biharis but don`t trust them . Time is changing fast for Biharis and People will understand it soon and change their behaviour as early as possible. Common people change their face according to the direction of wind. My channel`s editor in chief Mr. jackob walked upto me and said where were you dear? My mother do Chhath pooja at Village and after years I was there to celebrate I answered.
Mr. Jackob said ..ya I have been seeing all the Beharis going Bihar on this occassion...I sir..more than 80% Biharis now celebrate Chhath Pooja at the place where they must have seen the crowd on Yamuna Bank...then Mr. Jacob throw a worst and very poor comment that one day Biharis will capture entire Delhi....I reacted  sharply but with cool mind and voice...sir you must not have doubt now...he was almost blown with my answer...I know he could do nothing against me..I have proved myself with hard work , sincerety and  more than desired output.  Now why should I allow any one to heart me.Now no way...people will survive with us only with respect...We Beharis respect all and deserves to be respected.....We belongs to least corrupt state Bihar.....

Monday, 12 December 2011

Where corruption is a part of system

People celebrated last sunday with Anna. Few thousand people assembled at Jantar Mantar and few thousand could not get oppurtunity to reach at Jantar Mantar. Those who could not get glimpse of crowd at Jantar Mantar with their open eyes were really felt disturbed as their journey became worthless. They had sacrificed their Sunday to see Anna and the crowd assembled there.People at home really enjoyed the whole day of Anna`s Fast on their Television sets.It was well organised and disciplined Dharna filled with Political stars, though leaders of congress did not appear on the scene making script more crisp and authentic. It looked like all the heroes are on stage and harping against villain, not present at the venue. After a long time Anna made media busy atleast for one day and had promised to entertain whole nation from 27th of december and onwards. People and media are expecting more thrills and more drama as chritmas and happy new year will come with Anna`s active movement. Anna is one man army. He is like a magical surgeon encircled with beginner doctors and nurses and the hospital is flooded with patients hoping to get cure from incurable disease.This way you can see Anna and his team and supporter at large are patients suffring from the incurable disease named corruption. Why Lokpal Bill could not be tabled in parliament since 45 years of working? Why Standing committee did not draft  Lokpal Bill according to the promise of Sardar Manmohan Singh (P.M of India)? We all know that Anna had taken juice to end his twelve days fast only after Manmohan Singh promise inside parliament and receiving his letter of acceptance regarding making of Jan Lokpal Bill following the conditiond put by him.Just for your laugh, Lalu Yadav also wanted to have a check on corruption but the biggest question that he had in mind that how an old person like Anna could do fast continuously for twelve days..he smelled some trick and opened  his mind in Parliament resulting a good laugh amongst members of parliamant. No any member replied Lalu that he was wrong and must get back his statement. Though Anna after ending his fast gave a lesson to Lalu about power of Brahmcharya.I personally feel ashamed of our leaders and their senseless statements. They know that corruption has become part of system and it can not be eradicated. They have make millions and few have made billions through easiest root of corruption and so their mind and soul strongly says that only mad people can think about uprooting the corruption.Actually they know that no any law can prevent them from making huge money through corruption then why to do unneccessary excercise to draft a bill to have check on corruption. Sometimes even common man thinks in that direction. They know that no any law can pervent them from taking commission being a middle man and most of the officials takes bribe thinking it a commission for doing a job. Yes if citizen charter will be regulated they will get work done in time whatever the money will go for this they don`t mind. But then why entire nation is following Anaa and his movement? Why all the political parties except Congress have given vote in favour of Anna`s Jan Lokpal Bill on Jantar Mantar.  The reason is clear enough....Political Parties supporting Anna are eyeing for big number of votes and common citizen still have hope to get better life with the implementation of Jan Lokpal Bill. Though all know that Corruptipn has become part of system. Anna Says  Jan Lokpal Bill has power to change the system and this is the reason behind not accepting it. A big and great Movement is ahead....just keep open your is ours nation and no reaction from any one is like ruining the future ......        

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Helplessness Boils

UPA Govt. is on backfoot and has withdrawn its decision to allow Wall Mart in India.Opposition seems to be winner on this issue. Small vendors and shopkeepers are relieved now  and don't fear to be gulped by big fish like American Wall Mart. Policy of Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI) have been postponed for the time being. Apart from this issue, no issue has been discussed in winter session because of deadlock. UPA Govt. proposes opposition disposes and only quarrel persists both in lower and upper House.Outside the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Mr. Kapil Sibal is pouring his anger on social networking sites and has announced to have censor on them. You must have seen various morphed and created pictures of Soniaji, Sardar Manmohan Singh and obviously Kapil Sibal also. These pictures are hilarious for the people who made it and for the people who have seen it but these pictures are also insulting for them who are into it. These pictures also reveal reality and truth and thus raise extreme of anger in the leaders who are subject. Actually nobody likes to be projected like villain, though they are. You see the morphed pictures of Anna, you love it because Anna is being projected as Hero. Who will make Mr. Kapil Sibal understand that these pictures are expression of common man and a truth directly revealed through hearts. Better you come out with right image, you will be projected in right way, even in morphed pictures. Mr. Kapil Sibal cannot dictate the expression of common man and he must forget to have anykind of censor on social networking sites. Maderna was arrested by CBI. He is supposed to know whereabouts of Bhanwari Devi. A common man understands that Mr. Maderna have killed Bhanwari Devi because he was being blackmailed by her. A sex CD have unfolded their adulterous relationship. Though CBI has arrested Maderna but not charged him for the abduction or killing of Bhanwari Devi. Wife and Daughter of Maderna abused Media for all these scandals and loud their voices that Maderna is innocent. Veena Malik from Pakistan have earned fame and good money in India. Her nude picture in a magazine have created furor amongst Muslim Community and amongst those people who consider themselves carrier of Moral Values. Entire Pakistan is boliling with the nude picture of Veena Malik. A pornstar Sunny Leone has been thrown into the drawing rooms of billions, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt is also looking her as dollar earner. Sharad Pawar has given statement that if some one will again attack him, responsibility will go on Anna. Anna is going to sit on fast on 11th December, 2011 for Janlok Pal bill.
Helplessness Boils and Entire Nation is boiling in helplessness..

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

fuis: Frustration of a perverted and corrupt politician

fuis: Frustration of a perverted and corrupt politician: He is Kapil Sibbal, a congress leader,capable to hold the chair of union minister(monster), at present he is Door Sanchar Mantri...Minister ...

Frustration of a perverted and corrupt politician

He is Kapil Sibbal, a congress leader,capable to hold the chair of union minister(monster), at present he is Door Sanchar Mantri...Minister for long distant communication (telecom minister), looks angry on social networking sites i.e...fecebook,twitter.......He is famous for goosing the nose of common people for his political benefits and to remain in good book of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.He could go upto any extent to please to above mentioned Gandhi family.    This is the biggest and greatest irony that even the union ministers of our nation work to please and satisfy their Boss(Party chief) rather than citizen of the Nation.Mr. Kapil Sibal found some objectional created pictures of his Boss on social networking sites and reacted badly.  He was briefing press people and was talking like ultimate powerful person who could crush anything under the Sun.
he was challenging people behind social networking sites that he would tame them according to his wish and will.With false smile and cunning look he was projecting himself like dictator. What could be the worst in a religious country like India that a leader makes religion a subject to fight. Kapil Sibal was arguing that content of these social net working sites hammers the religious sentiments of people. Actually Kapil Sibal knows that he is a defeated person, he along with his entire political gang are directly responsible for huge corruption and this fact has been unfolded to the citizen at large through the movement of Anna and India against corruption. Anna and his team run this movement greatly and utilises various social sites powerfully. Even the Prime Minister of the Nation was forced to Salute Anna seeing the ultimate support of the people of the nation.To please the voters politicians salute Anna and to crush the movement against corruption search the various ways. To have censor on social net working sites is one of the ways to crush the movement of Anna and to save all corrupt political fraternity.Mr. Kapil Sibal is trying impossible in hurry just to prove himself that he is the most trustworthy slave of Gandhi Family and real brother of all corrupt minds,body and soul. If he is being hammerred with the content of social networking sites,he would have taken help of various existing laws of the nation rather than to call press people to announce censor on these social net working sites. He is just barking and putting last nail in the coffin of corrupt politicians and party.All the social net working sites are the ultimate medium of common man`s expression, it carries the soul of the people attached to it and above all it is a non violent medium. Whoever try to have censor on social net working sites are corrupt,perverted and mad one.    

Monday, 5 December 2011

Living Dev Sahab

Mobile phone has almost replaced Alarm watches. Most of us open our eyes with the alarm bell of mobile phones. It was Sunday Morning and I opened my eyes with the rhythmic sound of my mobile phone at 4 a.m. The date was 4th December 2011.  I had to reach office earlier than 6 o`clock in the morning to produce Good Morning Sunday Program live from 7a.m to 8.30 a.m. For one and half hour live program we had to work hard contonuously for a week and for this sunday program we had taken Sunny Leone as central character for discussion. As you all know that Sunny leone is a guest in Bigg Boss Season 5 and is notoriously famous as porn star.Why Sunny leone has been pushed inside everybody`s drawing room through  popular show like Big Boss...,was our basic qoestion for discussion. We had taken Mahesh Bhatt within our subject as he had offered Leone to be a heroine in his next film. Just to make money anyone could do anything and there is no check on their absurd and perverted  acts just because ours is a demacratic nation. Whatever the  character is being given to Sunny leone, can not change her identity as Porn Star and a porn star is not acceptable in our Indian Society.
I entered into office thinking to have great discussion on this issue and also to have some angry calls from viewers during program as we flash telephone number to involve our viewers live.But the first news in office I saw on television was a breaking news regarding demise of evergreen Dev Saab.It was really shocking but not unexpected. A man of 88 survives in his good health and spirit may be a wonder for most of us but a man of 88 dies, remains a cool news. But it was not a cool news. it was not a news about demise of an ill, irrelevent and a famous man, it was a news of an end of a evergreen era, high spirit and youthfulness. An ever inspiring person was no more. A living myth could die was hard to believe. It was all shocking.. No shock could be greater than the death of an inspiration. No, inspiration can not die, inspiration is not a living body... inspiration is a wave, an ever flowing wind.. I console myself and in a moment decided to live with the evergreen Dev Saab continuously for one and half hour during Good Morning Sunday show. It was a great relief. I had taken a controversial issue to discuss and changed it with  an evergreen, entertaining and ever inspiring Dev Saab. I first made graphical montage titled KI DIL ABHI BHARA NAHIN. Monalisa, the anchor of our show gave this title and sit on computer to gather facts about Dev Saab. Sudden we all felt full of energy and within an aura of romanticism. Another anchor Mukesh went emotional discussing Dev Saab.The moral of the story  is that we all were charged and it was the magic of Dev Saab.
Apart from knowing the hundreds of things about Dev Saab, few things that we came to know during making of the show DIL ABHI BHARA NAHIN were.......
Dev Saab was born as Devdutta Pishorimal Anand, he was grazuate in english literature, he remained a trend setter, with Hare Rama Hare Krishna Dev Saab set the trend of urban Cinema. Dev saab played double role in film Hum Dono that later became trend...
People have written in volumes within the hours of his demise to pay homage but  I prefer to live Dev Saab more in thought and life than the words. Humming his songs from Gata Rahe mera Dil to Ye Dil na Hota Bechara is like  worship to God of Romance and Love (Krishna).
 Salute to Dev Saab. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Yesterday Zee News were raising its TRP by showing a program that was irritating and was reflecting the perverted mindset of particular police officers. Actually a lady police officer of U.P. Ghaziabad who hardly could walk because of her fat body, was chasing couples in a park. It was opeartion Majnu but the lady police officer were manhandling girls and the boys equally. One of the boys reacted telling her Bhaisahab, then she slapped him and informed him that she was a lady inspector. Scene of a lady inspector manhandling another lady was shocking. There is a question for all. How media reached at the venue and why lady inspector allowed them to take shots following her? Cameras were moving according to her movements. It all was hell and absurd. It was an attempt of lady inspector to get famous overnight and probably get promotion which was due since many years. Zee News showed the entire episode, weeping and crying girls shattered many of us who saw this footage. Police was giving logic that they wanted to check eve teasing and immoral acts. It was just an another blunt reaction from an another police officer. It was a shameful operation and was not new in Uttar Pradesh. Chairperson of Mahila Aayog had condemned this operation. How police could dare to have such operation? Lady police inspector had been suspended to save the face U.P.Police  but she would be recalled soon is an obvious fact. If moral policing in a democratic country could work, the adult star Sunny Leone could not be a part of Bigg Boss and had entered into drawing room. Could police punish people of Bigg Boss program, who are responsible to generated a porn culture inside the nation. Just to make money an adult star had been sent in the drawing rooms of billions, don't you think it is a crime? Please react...

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Beyond moral and ethics

Don`t you think we are living in a stupid nation, more dangerous than a corrupt Nation? Politicians don`t allow parliament to run, 90 percent bureaucrat are corrupt,entertainment industry of the nation don`t carry any morals and ethics and goes for even porn star to make money and idolize her as Indian face achieved great success abroad,a sex seller film maker Mahesh Bhatt goes to create hype regarding Sunny leone as his next heroine ,making money by selling nudity is being justified with loud voice by Mr. Mahesh Bhatt and his like minded people.The moment one signs Sunny leone for a popular show or for a bollywood flick advertising her as great porn star, it attracts attention of adolescents, youth and even a boy of ten years old and it leads towards perversion and make a budding mind sick.
From my point of view it is a crime towards budding mind of the nation and the loss will never be repairable.Big Boss people including Mahesh Bhatt deserve to be punished for this heinous crime, but who will punish them is a big question. Even organisation like Shiv Sena and Maharastra Nav Nirman party seem to be dead on this issue, probably this issue will not fetch them with political benefits.Anna could fight against corruption but who will fight against the people who are spreading porn culture in the Nation and justifying it just to make money. Shame on them.
Through social networking and blogging we can put our voice against it. I hope you people will react......

Monday, 28 November 2011

Philosophy I believe in

I am trying to open my Blog thinking its never late to start a new thing.I start my Blog fuis with the philosophy i believe in.

कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते फलेषु कदाचना
कर्मफलेह्तुर भुरमा ते संगोस्त्वकर्मानी॥

You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.