Saturday, 28 January 2012

fuis: Muslim Vote and Reservation

fuis: Muslim Vote and Reservation: Samajwadi Party has declared in its manifesto that they will give reservation to Muslims in Uttar Pradesh according to their population. Rah...

Friday, 27 January 2012

Muslim Vote and Reservation

Samajwadi Party has declared in its manifesto that they will give reservation to Muslims in Uttar Pradesh according to their population. Rahul Gandhi reacted telling that Mulayam Singh is misleading Muslim Population, Akhilesh Yadav in counter reaction have said that what the Rahul has done for the youth of the Nation? Congress has already announced 4.5 percent reservation for Muslims and it is being drastically criticized by Mulayam Singh.Leader of Bahujan Samaj Party and Chief -Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayavati is fighting election on the basis of OBC and Muslim combination. She is taking credit for giving maximum number of tickets(85) to Muslim candidates. She also has written a letter to P.M to give reservation to backward Muslims. BJP again have opened its Ram Temple Card and have been giving statement that any reservation on the basis of religion will divide Nation.We are liberal and secular country just because Hindu religion is in majority. From Pakistan to Afghanistan to Iran to Iraq no any other religion is in existence except Islam. It is essential not to give any reservation on the basis of religion to maintain the federal, secular and liberal face of the Nation.Just to playing vote politics Nation must not be put on volcano. Chief of a newly formed political party Peace Party Mohhamed Ayub seems to be inspired with the philosophy of Late Kanshi Ram. It is in the air that his party is fighting election to put its nose into the vote of Muslims that could go in favour of either Samajwadi Party or Congress Party, ultimately Peace Party is fighting election to benefit Mayavati and her Bhaujan Samaj Party. Dirtiest Politics is being played and it could be only countered with casting our votes in fullest. No body should sit at home to mark a no vote that favours a unwanted party and candidate.    

Saturday, 14 January 2012

fuis: Bihar, In Hundred and Thousand years.....

fuis: Bihar, In Hundred and Thousand years.....: BIHAR In Hundred and Thousand Years….. At present Bihar is the 12 th largest state in terms of size...

Bihar, In Hundred and Thousand years.....


In Hundred and Thousand Years…..
At present Bihar is the 12th largest state in terms of size and 3rd largest by population. Almost  58 percent of Bihari are below the age of 25, so Bihar is quite young and have come out from the tragedy  of political neglect which was responsible for huge migration.
Now the improved governance had led to an economic revival in the state through increased investment infrastructure, better health care facilities, greater emphasis on education, prevention of crime and corruption and improved law and order.
Indian and global business and economic leaders feel that Bihar now has good opportunity to sustain its growth and thus have shown interest in investing in the state.
At present Bihar has made strides in the areas of women empowerment, judicial reforms, tax reforms  and public safety. At the end of the year 2011 Bihar legislative assembly passed its Lokayukta Bill to fight against corruption. Inflow of tourist in BIHAR have risen manifolds and it is the miracle achieved through improved law and order of the state.
Bihar has given Bharat Ratna like Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Jayprakash Narayan and Bismillah Khan, besides several other distinguished personalities.
In 1912 Province Bihar and Orissa were separated from Bengal. Now 100 years of establishment of Bihar has completed and Bihar deserves to celebrate “ Bihar Shatabdi Mahotsav”. Time has come to release all the tensions and agonies, of past and practically dream a beautiful and prosperous Bihar.
We need to see our glorious past, we need to see our great potential and we need to live our centuries old culture and tradition. 
Several great religious and ancient personalities like greatest emperors of India, Ashoka the great, great almsgiver and warrior king, Karna, Goddess Sita, Great author Kalidas, Vatsayan, Valmiki, Vidyapati, last Jain Tirthankar Mahavir, founder of Buddhism Gautam  Buddha, the last guru of Sikhism, Guru Gobind Singh etc., belonged to this part of the world,” BIHAR”.

fuis: Bihar, A Land Of Opportunity

fuis: Bihar, A Land Of Opportunity: BIHAR A Land Of Opportunities You might have grown up listening disturbing sound ‘Oye Bihari’ but now scenario is to...

Bihar, A Land Of Opportunity

A Land Of Opportunities
You might have grown up listening disturbing sound ‘Oye Bihari’ but now scenario is totally changed.
 If your present becomes bright, your future looks brighter and people give credit to your past. Now people have started seeing our past and  relate it with our present. Bihar, the ancient land of Buddha, has witness golden period of Indian history. It is the same land where the seeds of the first republic were sown and which cultivated the first crop of democracy. Such fertile is the soil that has given birth to innumerous intellectuals which spread the light of knowledge and wisdom not only in the country but in the whole world.
Now India and it people have strated believing in the prospects of Bihar.
With the changed political arena and with the best possible law and order, Bihar has become a land of immense opportunities for entrepreneurs, industrialists, students and other professionals.  Department of Industries, Government of Bihar have made excellent policies to encourage entrepreneurs of our nation and the Indian living abroad (pravasi Bhatiya ).
Present Government of Bihar have come in power continuously for second term with landside victory.  Second term is dedicated to achieve all the targets of development set during first term.
Already Bihar has been declared on the top position in terms of development, administration and law and order  and has achieved a bright face.
Bihar calls to all entrepreneurs and industrialists  to join hands in the all round development of Bihar through cottage, small, medium and large industries. For this reason industrial incentive policy 2006 has been reviewed in 2011 with the suggestion and consultations of Bihar industries  association, Bihar chamber of commerce, confederation  of India Industry, laghu udyog  Bihar, Hazipur udyog sangh etc and other related organizations and concerned Government Departments. The industrial policies of different neighboring states have also been considered in formulation of this policy.
Look at these focus points of policy
. Granting incentives such, 100 % exemption from stamp duty and registration fees during pre – production phase.
. Capital subsidy for industrial units,
. Inclusion of entry-tax in the re -imbursement of 80% of VAT,
. Incentive also to existing units for captive power Generation (diesel generating sets and subsidy or non-conventional source of energy production, reimbursement of expenses incurred  on project reports, technical know -how feels, quality certification , electricity duty etc………
It is expected that the industrial incentive policy-2011 will boost the development of the state and it will result in rapid industrial development, with enhanced employment generation. The Industries of Bihar have started playing a very positive role in the overall development of all the citizens of Bihar and in this context looking for all sort of talents from all corners of the Nation and the globe.
To attract domestic and foreign investment, Department of industries, Government of Bihar, are prepared to provide basic infrastructure like……..
. Land Bank – As per the requirement of different industries and development scheme, land would be made available from the land bank.
. Creating Market – creation of marketing potential for sales of the products of small, micro , rural units, handicrafts, handlooms, khadi, sericulture etc……… order to ensure their development.
. Prevention measures of industrial sickness
. Setting up of effective single window system
. Simplification and transparency in all kinds of all allotments & grants…………
. Establishment of industrial parks BIADA for setting up new medium and large industries in rural and urban areas.
Now it is also essential to know the thrust areas of the state Government of Bihar. Thrust areas have been chosen very carefully and are being promoted with all the sincerity.
The following are thrust areas for the industrial development in Bihar –
. Food processing
. Agriculture based industries
. Tourism related industries
. Super specialty Hospital
. Higher / technical educational institutions
. Information technology based industries
.Electronic hardware industry
. Textile industry
. Energy /non-conventional energy

 Here is one more important information. Those units, which comply with the Reservations policy of the Government of Bihar, in employment, will be given an additional 10% over and above the fiscal incentives for which they are eligible under this policy.
NOTE : department of industries, Government of Bihar, clearly have given list of industries ELIGIBLE & NOT ELIGIBLE for incentives. To go through this list is a must for every entrepreneur and industrialist interested to invest.