Friday, 23 March 2012

Brave and beautiful Afghani girl Sabra Ahmedzai

Sabra Ahmedzai is a 23 years afghani girl, since three years fighting a case case of bigamy against her cheater and criminal minded husband named Dr.Major Chandrashekhar Pant in India.Actually Dr. Pant was posted in Indira Gandhi hospital at Kabul, Afghanistan where Sabra, a girl of 18tn years was working as translator. Sabra was the voice of patients for the Indian Doctors. Here Dr. Major Pant ...ried to lure Sabra but failed, then he went to a Maulavi and adopted Islam and became Himmat khan. He approached many times to the father of Sabra with marriage proposal with Sabra telling them that he was unmarried and had adopted Islam. Finally They accepted the proposal of Dr. Pant and Sabra was married to Dr. Major Pant following Islamic rituals and proper Nikahnama. It was a happy moment for the family of sabra and they captured entire ceremony through a video camera. Dr. pant enjoyed honeymoon for twenty days with Sabra and returned back to India. After six months of the marriage Dr. Pant unfolded the fact to Sabra through phone that he was earlier a married person and a father of two children so she must forget him and marriage somewhere else.Sabra thought Dr. was playing joke....but it was the only reality..sabra was cheated and raped by a indian Dr. Major Pant. Why I am posting Sabra`s story on is the answer..
Sabra came India with her mother in search of her husband Dr. Major Pant after two years of her fake marriage. Look at the point of view of Sabra...Sabra just wanted proper Talaq(Divorce) from Dr. Pant infront of those people who were witness of her Nikah (Marriage), Sabra could not lead anohter life without Talaq from her husband but Major Pant denied to give her divorce telling her that it was wrong committed by him and nothing more...he could give some money...Sabra felt another shock...her mother almost fainted...Brave Sabra took the behaviour of Dr.Pant as challange and lodged an F.I.R against DR.Major Pant. Few Ngos came forward to help Sabra and now she is winning...Dr. Major Pant was suspended from his job and court odered him to pay maintenance to Sabra criminal case is ahead against Dr. Major Pant...Now Sabra wanted to see him properly punished and ruined, earlier she just wanted to had divorce to lead a further life... A wrong doer must be punished...You can see Sabra on P7news on saturday(Today) at 3.27p.m and Sunday(tomorrow) at 2.27p.m. Story of Sabra will continue for next week also at the same day and time. 24th March 2012

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  1. Thanks Mr. Kumar,
    What is the current status of the case?
    Is Pant still under suspension?What Sabra is doing now a days?

    Guilty should be punished who just for the sake of sex, changed his religion, violated service conduct rules?