Thursday, 1 December 2011


Yesterday Zee News were raising its TRP by showing a program that was irritating and was reflecting the perverted mindset of particular police officers. Actually a lady police officer of U.P. Ghaziabad who hardly could walk because of her fat body, was chasing couples in a park. It was opeartion Majnu but the lady police officer were manhandling girls and the boys equally. One of the boys reacted telling her Bhaisahab, then she slapped him and informed him that she was a lady inspector. Scene of a lady inspector manhandling another lady was shocking. There is a question for all. How media reached at the venue and why lady inspector allowed them to take shots following her? Cameras were moving according to her movements. It all was hell and absurd. It was an attempt of lady inspector to get famous overnight and probably get promotion which was due since many years. Zee News showed the entire episode, weeping and crying girls shattered many of us who saw this footage. Police was giving logic that they wanted to check eve teasing and immoral acts. It was just an another blunt reaction from an another police officer. It was a shameful operation and was not new in Uttar Pradesh. Chairperson of Mahila Aayog had condemned this operation. How police could dare to have such operation? Lady police inspector had been suspended to save the face U.P.Police  but she would be recalled soon is an obvious fact. If moral policing in a democratic country could work, the adult star Sunny Leone could not be a part of Bigg Boss and had entered into drawing room. Could police punish people of Bigg Boss program, who are responsible to generated a porn culture inside the nation. Just to make money an adult star had been sent in the drawing rooms of billions, don't you think it is a crime? Please react...

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