Monday, 13 February 2012

A woman is not a Machine

A woman is not a machine in which raw material is put and a finished product comes out, said Punjab and Haryana High Court. The wife is the best judge and is to see whether she wants to continue the pregnancy or to get it aborted.... keeping in view the legal position, it is held that no express or implied consent of the husband is required for getting the pregnancy terminated. This was the front page news published in Sunday Tribunal (12 feb. 2012). Now it is clear that if husband gets consent to have conjugal right , it does not mean that wife also have given consent to give birth to a child for her husband. Now one step ahead....If a girl is married to you with  the best of  her consent, it does not mean that she has given consent to have conjugal relationship with you. Marriage may have a lot of other purposes than making sex only, and sex may have other purposes than to conceive a baby. Sex with wife without the best of her consent is rape (Half hearted consent may put you in problem),and no body can force a woman to become mother. Society is changing fast. Don`t think about marriage to satisfy your sexual urge and to make a family. Marriage is all about taking consent from wife and obeying her. Mind it, if you are going to have sex relationship with a girl without getting married with her, then it would be like living in live in relationship, and in this case, female partner will have all the rights parallel to right of a wife. Dear men at large, you need to learn rule of living with female partner/ wife before enterning in any relationship or maintaning the existing relationship. A book is going to be released just to make aware men at large, and to say them about the cost of making love. The title of the book is SKIN OF MARRIED MEN , LEGALLY TASTY. It will be available in Book Trade Fair, started from 25 0f Feb,2012. Contd..... 

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