Friday, 27 January 2012

Muslim Vote and Reservation

Samajwadi Party has declared in its manifesto that they will give reservation to Muslims in Uttar Pradesh according to their population. Rahul Gandhi reacted telling that Mulayam Singh is misleading Muslim Population, Akhilesh Yadav in counter reaction have said that what the Rahul has done for the youth of the Nation? Congress has already announced 4.5 percent reservation for Muslims and it is being drastically criticized by Mulayam Singh.Leader of Bahujan Samaj Party and Chief -Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayavati is fighting election on the basis of OBC and Muslim combination. She is taking credit for giving maximum number of tickets(85) to Muslim candidates. She also has written a letter to P.M to give reservation to backward Muslims. BJP again have opened its Ram Temple Card and have been giving statement that any reservation on the basis of religion will divide Nation.We are liberal and secular country just because Hindu religion is in majority. From Pakistan to Afghanistan to Iran to Iraq no any other religion is in existence except Islam. It is essential not to give any reservation on the basis of religion to maintain the federal, secular and liberal face of the Nation.Just to playing vote politics Nation must not be put on volcano. Chief of a newly formed political party Peace Party Mohhamed Ayub seems to be inspired with the philosophy of Late Kanshi Ram. It is in the air that his party is fighting election to put its nose into the vote of Muslims that could go in favour of either Samajwadi Party or Congress Party, ultimately Peace Party is fighting election to benefit Mayavati and her Bhaujan Samaj Party. Dirtiest Politics is being played and it could be only countered with casting our votes in fullest. No body should sit at home to mark a no vote that favours a unwanted party and candidate.    

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