Saturday, 25 February 2012

Can you ignore..?

 From the Book SKIN OF MARRIED MEN, LEGALLY TASTY. It is a matter of real courage to come out as lesbian or homosexuals in front of society at large. We all have gone through various discussions on article 377 of IPC and some what some where accepted homosexuals and lesbians if they are limited to themselves only. Whatever they are the part of our society and we cannot ignore their existence. But have you ever thought what will happen when a lesbian will get married to a genuine and natural man or a homosexual will get married to a genuine woman with natural Instinct.


  1. Your question is easy to answer.

    1. Weather the girl is a lesbian or the boy is a homosexual and the other partner is of normal sexual instinct. The girl has to file a false 498a complaint (Which is 100 times easy than filing and getting a ration card), and let the police do the rest of the work
    2. The whole of the boy’s side will be thrown into Jail and the girl can bargain lakhs of money and also get away from the marriage at no cost. She will end up with extortion money and maintenance amount for life and can enjoy the life and need not work at all....

    What a easy life... Hats of to the feminists and Indian legal system.

    1. You are very much right sir. I tried to unfold a few things more that was not taken in consideration while drafting 498a and other feminist laws.