Saturday, 18 February 2012

Evaluating the cost of married men

Earlier only criminal allegations were non-bailable but now
things have been changed a lot. Burning of brides because of dowry
had led a foundation of strong women activism and it resulted into
making a few very strong laws. In the decade of 1980, 498a was
drafted and enforced strongly converting family matters into criminal
acts. So now family conflicts have been treated as criminal
offence and non bailable in courts. So every possible citizen of
India beyond his/her age and status, is a potential criminal and can
be put behind bar on mere allegations. If you are an Indian, and a member of a family, needs to remain aware and alert to keep yourself safe. Here are few incidences selected amongst
thousands from the database of 498A victims. Some people are on
the edge of knife and some already have given their blood knowing
that oxygen of their share already have been stolen, still they
are alive and struggle to survive is a miracle and a big blow on the
gender biased laws of the nation.
Evaluating the cost of being married men a book is releasing soon. Title of this book is SKIN OF MARRIED MEN, LEGALLY TASTY. It will available at book trade fair, inaugurating from 25th of feb. Pragati Maidan,New Delhi...contd..


  1. I am one of those men whose oxygen has been stolen, but still managing to live and fight- hoping that I will bring the truth one day. 3 years gone, my lucrative career in US as a doctor has been destroyed, the trial court has not bothered to start the trial but want’s our attendance couple of times a month for total waste. Been arrested along with my family and have seen the worst of our life for no fault of ours. There are times when I used to feel why I have been created as a male........Good you have come up with a book to highlight the other side of the story. I congratulate your bold effort and I wish your book a great success.......

  2. Just wanted to know the present status of your case and are you still in India or could manage to back your job...the most productive citizen of the nation faces such termoil because of gender biased law, is a shame...but law is like that and that why need to fight are a brave one...