Monday, 20 February 2012

Intimate Terrorism

From feminist angle, intimate terrorism is a new developed social behavior of empowered women. For men at large it is intimate terrorism; for women at large, it is a weapon to tackle men’s atrocity and taking them on toes & bending them on knees.
Top & powerful feminists simply give their verdict that “now it is man‘s turn to suffer.”
Punishing the entire “He figure” of the society in revenge cannot create a path of women empowerment. “He” cannot be separated from “she” and “she” cannot be empowered just by following the philosophy of intimate terrorism.Husband is being terrorized by  wife and a segment of people getting a kind sadistic pleasure out of it and name it women empowerment. And this way our esteemed society is heading towards progress.
Feminists have made wife – husband  relationship a zero tolerance zone and with all the vengeance injected an injection of intimate terrorism in the veins of wives.
Can any husband under the sun touch his wife if she turns back in rejection on bed?
Can any husband request his wife to make food for him if wife says she has taken disprin ?
Can any husband favor his mother if it goes against the wish and will of his wife?
You can count hundreds of points where husband remains on back foot and bound to face intimate terrorism that ultimately breaks the family and make no one happy. A family cannot be a no tolerance zone and cannot be strengthened with fear of laws.
Feminist’s laws have made family a place of committing crimes and getting punishment and its resultant force have come up in the shape of intimate terrorism. A book titled SKIN OF MARRED MEN, LEGALLY TASTY sketches a picture of intimate terrorism based on participatory observation.


  1. Absolutly right.
    and here is 1000 Plus mens YES [ ] to this article

  2. Yes, now child grows up into man and achieves tasty skin for the woman he loves, marries and makes family. It is a changing scenario not traditional one. Modernity and growing lust have made man`s skin tasty. Now man`s skin does not produce only sweat or blood, it also produces thick money in the shape of compensation against divorce, to make wife happy without once loving husband converted into aggrieved one. Above book is releasing today at Pragati Maidan new Delhi, in 22nd book trade fair by the publisher Gaurav Books,trying to make it available on e-net...