Friday, 3 February 2012

shameless Politicians: Shameful arguments

Supreme Court cancelled all the 103 lincences alloted to various companies on first come first serve basis by the then telecom minister A.Raja. Mr. Subrahanyam now become a one man army against corruption. What Anna could not achieved through his fast and nationwide support, Mr. Subrahanyam Swami has achieved through court.
Now shameless politicians are giving shameful arguments. Kapil sibal dared to call a Press meeting to say that first come first serve policy was made by BJP, so BJP must come forward to apologise from the nation. A. Raja misused it so in Jail. No any minister of the Government is ready to say that 2G scam was the result of collective failure. Finance minister and a lawyer  Mr. Chidambaram is shamelessly considering himself out of any obligation. Prime minister is being excused on the ligic of ignorance. Then who is bloody responsible for one lakh seventy five thousand crores scams? Is Raja only a monster of Scam? Who made him  the most corrupt? Is any politician feels resposible for the citizens of the nation being in Government?

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