Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ex boyfriend of Hollywood actress filed a court case against her.

In today`s ht city I read a news with head line Berry`s Ex Demands 20k dollar.
Actor Halle Berry`s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has reportedly filed a legal suit against her asking Berry to pay him 20,000 thousand dollar per month. Aubry is the father of Berry`s daughter Nahla. Though Berry  is on back foot but fighting this law suit in court to save dollar 20,000 per month and the respect of not being guilty. The detail is not given in paper. It is a fact that Aubry is the father of berry`s daughter but not her ex husband. What could be the reason behind the demand of 20,000 dollar per month from a exflame by a ex boyfriend? Is it maintenance? Can a husband or boy friend or an unmarried father ask for maintenance from the women he made love and made her mother? The person facing 498a and other feminist laws must find this case a wonder in Indian Context but it is happening in west, and they are far ahead than us even in women empowerment. Case of halle Berry is like a  Dream for the men of Indian origin facing 498a and other feminist laws but gives a hope. Our law makers habitually imitate drafting the laws of west countries, they might come day honest.....  

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