Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Something beyond thought but satisfy greatly

I was doing a show on Sunita Williams and was engulfed in live pictures of Sunita Williams with her two associate astronauts inside Soyuz satellite. They leaved Earth at sharp 8.10 a.m for 120 days research at space. We had a young Indian space scientist as guest in our studio and what he said about our existence was mind turner. He showed us a picture of Earth taken from Mars by a satellite. There Earth was looking just like light particles. If the Earth is nothing but light particles then how we could imagine about us a creature with a body of bones and fleshes and a soul inside it. We all understand and believe that Soul is a light particle and from where it comes and goes is a mystery. Here it could be thought that If Earth is a light particle, our soul is a light particle then certainly we all as a body is also a light particle that could be transmitted anywhere like light particles. Already we have been playing with the concept of Virtual that is nothing but light particles. We all see pictures on television directly being telecast from various places and from inside studio…these pictures are light particles and the shown body remains inside studio or other places…the great buildings or three dimensional set behind the anchor are also nothing but light particles made by graphic designer. Here in this regard I just have understand that light is not only life but it is the producer of life and could multiply fast, travel fast and exist everywhere. If light can travel from Sun to Earth in 8 minutes crossing all possible environments and exists for ever then we must not think about extinction of life from the Earth.  Earth being a light particle can travel anywhere in the cosmos with all its life and emotions within life. We people on Earth can travel anywhere in Cosmos as light particle and certainly will have existence for ever. There is no question about the existence of light particles. So with little knowledge I just say that all the corruption, all the misery, all the atrocities, all the selfishness, all the agonies are nothing but a play of ignorant people who fear about the existent of life. These all things already have been proved by our great saints in various mythological epics…I just tried to understand scientifically. Thanks to all great scientists who are about to reach on miraculous discovery…Just enjoy peaceful and pious life…it is going to exist for ever…

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