Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Least Corrupt State Bihar has declared Bihar the least corrupt State of India.It is a great relief for every Bihari. People of my generation living any where other than Bihar have grown up listening abuse oye- Bihari and other irritating sounds.Helplessness Boils but Biharis were not allowed to even boil. A jungle raaj forced us to migrate to survive first and then to have better carrer. People of all groups and status migrated from Bihar. A maskhara and illiterate politician became the chief minister of Bihar and ruled continuously for fifteen years. When constitutionally he was debarred to hold the chair of Chief-Minister bacause of the then biggest fodder scam, he gave his chair to a mother of ten children who  hardly could write her name . Her only quality was that she was his wife. Cast politics  Gunda Raaj and lawlessness  had become identity of Bihar and all Biharis were subject to abuse. Oye Bihari or oye Lalu were biggest abuse for every body other than Biharis.And for Biharis listening these words was nothing but helplessness.Biharis have established themselves with extreme of hard labour. To be a Bihari was a lacuna and a biggest hindrance in getting a break through. Biharis worked ten times harder and more to prove their mettle and made their masters slave of their works. Masters had no way except  abusing and giving works to Biharis. Bihari survived because of their mettle and an achieved quality to bear the pain of listening abuse and not to get heart. I am living in Delhi since almost 18tn years and hold this opinion that it was hard to get even single non-Behari who could not had abused Bihari directly or indirectly.When very first time I was travelling by air and put a question about wheel of air plane to my camera man , he simply told me oye Bihari Chup ho ja (Shut your mouth) but I opened my heart to one of Pilot and Pilot called one of engineer and then it took almost one hour to correct the fault(It was chartered plane carrying journalists) .After that Camera man praised me telling oye Behari you had brain. I felt abused again.
Political scenario changed in Bihar and it changed Bihar. Times of india reported that there was 40% drop in the migration of labour and Capital Delhi started feeling heat of lack of labour.How  a good governance can change the destiny of a state have been perfectly shown by the Chief Minister of Bihar Mr. NItish Kumar..
Now he just have achieved a new tag ...a bonafide Chief- Minister of least corrupt state Bihar. Time has changed for Biharis but people did not have changed their mind set  for Biharis. They work with the Bihari, but don`t like them, they depend on Biharis but don`t trust them . Time is changing fast for Biharis and People will understand it soon and change their behaviour as early as possible. Common people change their face according to the direction of wind. My channel`s editor in chief Mr. jackob walked upto me and said where were you dear? My mother do Chhath pooja at Village and after years I was there to celebrate I answered.
Mr. Jackob said ..ya I have been seeing all the Beharis going Bihar on this occassion...I sir..more than 80% Biharis now celebrate Chhath Pooja at the place where they must have seen the crowd on Yamuna Bank...then Mr. Jacob throw a worst and very poor comment that one day Biharis will capture entire Delhi....I reacted  sharply but with cool mind and voice...sir you must not have doubt now...he was almost blown with my answer...I know he could do nothing against me..I have proved myself with hard work , sincerety and  more than desired output.  Now why should I allow any one to heart me.Now no way...people will survive with us only with respect...We Beharis respect all and deserves to be respected.....We belongs to least corrupt state Bihar.....

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