Monday, 5 December 2011

Living Dev Sahab

Mobile phone has almost replaced Alarm watches. Most of us open our eyes with the alarm bell of mobile phones. It was Sunday Morning and I opened my eyes with the rhythmic sound of my mobile phone at 4 a.m. The date was 4th December 2011.  I had to reach office earlier than 6 o`clock in the morning to produce Good Morning Sunday Program live from 7a.m to 8.30 a.m. For one and half hour live program we had to work hard contonuously for a week and for this sunday program we had taken Sunny Leone as central character for discussion. As you all know that Sunny leone is a guest in Bigg Boss Season 5 and is notoriously famous as porn star.Why Sunny leone has been pushed inside everybody`s drawing room through  popular show like Big Boss...,was our basic qoestion for discussion. We had taken Mahesh Bhatt within our subject as he had offered Leone to be a heroine in his next film. Just to make money anyone could do anything and there is no check on their absurd and perverted  acts just because ours is a demacratic nation. Whatever the  character is being given to Sunny leone, can not change her identity as Porn Star and a porn star is not acceptable in our Indian Society.
I entered into office thinking to have great discussion on this issue and also to have some angry calls from viewers during program as we flash telephone number to involve our viewers live.But the first news in office I saw on television was a breaking news regarding demise of evergreen Dev Saab.It was really shocking but not unexpected. A man of 88 survives in his good health and spirit may be a wonder for most of us but a man of 88 dies, remains a cool news. But it was not a cool news. it was not a news about demise of an ill, irrelevent and a famous man, it was a news of an end of a evergreen era, high spirit and youthfulness. An ever inspiring person was no more. A living myth could die was hard to believe. It was all shocking.. No shock could be greater than the death of an inspiration. No, inspiration can not die, inspiration is not a living body... inspiration is a wave, an ever flowing wind.. I console myself and in a moment decided to live with the evergreen Dev Saab continuously for one and half hour during Good Morning Sunday show. It was a great relief. I had taken a controversial issue to discuss and changed it with  an evergreen, entertaining and ever inspiring Dev Saab. I first made graphical montage titled KI DIL ABHI BHARA NAHIN. Monalisa, the anchor of our show gave this title and sit on computer to gather facts about Dev Saab. Sudden we all felt full of energy and within an aura of romanticism. Another anchor Mukesh went emotional discussing Dev Saab.The moral of the story  is that we all were charged and it was the magic of Dev Saab.
Apart from knowing the hundreds of things about Dev Saab, few things that we came to know during making of the show DIL ABHI BHARA NAHIN were.......
Dev Saab was born as Devdutta Pishorimal Anand, he was grazuate in english literature, he remained a trend setter, with Hare Rama Hare Krishna Dev Saab set the trend of urban Cinema. Dev saab played double role in film Hum Dono that later became trend...
People have written in volumes within the hours of his demise to pay homage but  I prefer to live Dev Saab more in thought and life than the words. Humming his songs from Gata Rahe mera Dil to Ye Dil na Hota Bechara is like  worship to God of Romance and Love (Krishna).
 Salute to Dev Saab. 

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