Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Frustration of a perverted and corrupt politician

He is Kapil Sibbal, a congress leader,capable to hold the chair of union minister(monster), at present he is Door Sanchar Mantri...Minister for long distant communication (telecom minister), looks angry on social networking sites i.e...fecebook,twitter.......He is famous for goosing the nose of common people for his political benefits and to remain in good book of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.He could go upto any extent to please to above mentioned Gandhi family.    This is the biggest and greatest irony that even the union ministers of our nation work to please and satisfy their Boss(Party chief) rather than citizen of the Nation.Mr. Kapil Sibal found some objectional created pictures of his Boss on social networking sites and reacted badly.  He was briefing press people and was talking like ultimate powerful person who could crush anything under the Sun.
he was challenging people behind social networking sites that he would tame them according to his wish and will.With false smile and cunning look he was projecting himself like dictator. What could be the worst in a religious country like India that a leader makes religion a subject to fight. Kapil Sibal was arguing that content of these social net working sites hammers the religious sentiments of people. Actually Kapil Sibal knows that he is a defeated person, he along with his entire political gang are directly responsible for huge corruption and this fact has been unfolded to the citizen at large through the movement of Anna and India against corruption. Anna and his team run this movement greatly and utilises various social sites powerfully. Even the Prime Minister of the Nation was forced to Salute Anna seeing the ultimate support of the people of the nation.To please the voters politicians salute Anna and to crush the movement against corruption search the various ways. To have censor on social net working sites is one of the ways to crush the movement of Anna and to save all corrupt political fraternity.Mr. Kapil Sibal is trying impossible in hurry just to prove himself that he is the most trustworthy slave of Gandhi Family and real brother of all corrupt minds,body and soul. If he is being hammerred with the content of social networking sites,he would have taken help of various existing laws of the nation rather than to call press people to announce censor on these social net working sites. He is just barking and putting last nail in the coffin of corrupt politicians and party.All the social net working sites are the ultimate medium of common man`s expression, it carries the soul of the people attached to it and above all it is a non violent medium. Whoever try to have censor on social net working sites are corrupt,perverted and mad one.    

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