Monday, 12 December 2011

Where corruption is a part of system

People celebrated last sunday with Anna. Few thousand people assembled at Jantar Mantar and few thousand could not get oppurtunity to reach at Jantar Mantar. Those who could not get glimpse of crowd at Jantar Mantar with their open eyes were really felt disturbed as their journey became worthless. They had sacrificed their Sunday to see Anna and the crowd assembled there.People at home really enjoyed the whole day of Anna`s Fast on their Television sets.It was well organised and disciplined Dharna filled with Political stars, though leaders of congress did not appear on the scene making script more crisp and authentic. It looked like all the heroes are on stage and harping against villain, not present at the venue. After a long time Anna made media busy atleast for one day and had promised to entertain whole nation from 27th of december and onwards. People and media are expecting more thrills and more drama as chritmas and happy new year will come with Anna`s active movement. Anna is one man army. He is like a magical surgeon encircled with beginner doctors and nurses and the hospital is flooded with patients hoping to get cure from incurable disease.This way you can see Anna and his team and supporter at large are patients suffring from the incurable disease named corruption. Why Lokpal Bill could not be tabled in parliament since 45 years of working? Why Standing committee did not draft  Lokpal Bill according to the promise of Sardar Manmohan Singh (P.M of India)? We all know that Anna had taken juice to end his twelve days fast only after Manmohan Singh promise inside parliament and receiving his letter of acceptance regarding making of Jan Lokpal Bill following the conditiond put by him.Just for your laugh, Lalu Yadav also wanted to have a check on corruption but the biggest question that he had in mind that how an old person like Anna could do fast continuously for twelve days..he smelled some trick and opened  his mind in Parliament resulting a good laugh amongst members of parliamant. No any member replied Lalu that he was wrong and must get back his statement. Though Anna after ending his fast gave a lesson to Lalu about power of Brahmcharya.I personally feel ashamed of our leaders and their senseless statements. They know that corruption has become part of system and it can not be eradicated. They have make millions and few have made billions through easiest root of corruption and so their mind and soul strongly says that only mad people can think about uprooting the corruption.Actually they know that no any law can prevent them from making huge money through corruption then why to do unneccessary excercise to draft a bill to have check on corruption. Sometimes even common man thinks in that direction. They know that no any law can pervent them from taking commission being a middle man and most of the officials takes bribe thinking it a commission for doing a job. Yes if citizen charter will be regulated they will get work done in time whatever the money will go for this they don`t mind. But then why entire nation is following Anaa and his movement? Why all the political parties except Congress have given vote in favour of Anna`s Jan Lokpal Bill on Jantar Mantar.  The reason is clear enough....Political Parties supporting Anna are eyeing for big number of votes and common citizen still have hope to get better life with the implementation of Jan Lokpal Bill. Though all know that Corruptipn has become part of system. Anna Says  Jan Lokpal Bill has power to change the system and this is the reason behind not accepting it. A big and great Movement is ahead....just keep open your is ours nation and no reaction from any one is like ruining the future ......        

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