Thursday, 8 December 2011

Helplessness Boils

UPA Govt. is on backfoot and has withdrawn its decision to allow Wall Mart in India.Opposition seems to be winner on this issue. Small vendors and shopkeepers are relieved now  and don't fear to be gulped by big fish like American Wall Mart. Policy of Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI) have been postponed for the time being. Apart from this issue, no issue has been discussed in winter session because of deadlock. UPA Govt. proposes opposition disposes and only quarrel persists both in lower and upper House.Outside the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Mr. Kapil Sibal is pouring his anger on social networking sites and has announced to have censor on them. You must have seen various morphed and created pictures of Soniaji, Sardar Manmohan Singh and obviously Kapil Sibal also. These pictures are hilarious for the people who made it and for the people who have seen it but these pictures are also insulting for them who are into it. These pictures also reveal reality and truth and thus raise extreme of anger in the leaders who are subject. Actually nobody likes to be projected like villain, though they are. You see the morphed pictures of Anna, you love it because Anna is being projected as Hero. Who will make Mr. Kapil Sibal understand that these pictures are expression of common man and a truth directly revealed through hearts. Better you come out with right image, you will be projected in right way, even in morphed pictures. Mr. Kapil Sibal cannot dictate the expression of common man and he must forget to have anykind of censor on social networking sites. Maderna was arrested by CBI. He is supposed to know whereabouts of Bhanwari Devi. A common man understands that Mr. Maderna have killed Bhanwari Devi because he was being blackmailed by her. A sex CD have unfolded their adulterous relationship. Though CBI has arrested Maderna but not charged him for the abduction or killing of Bhanwari Devi. Wife and Daughter of Maderna abused Media for all these scandals and loud their voices that Maderna is innocent. Veena Malik from Pakistan have earned fame and good money in India. Her nude picture in a magazine have created furor amongst Muslim Community and amongst those people who consider themselves carrier of Moral Values. Entire Pakistan is boliling with the nude picture of Veena Malik. A pornstar Sunny Leone has been thrown into the drawing rooms of billions, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt is also looking her as dollar earner. Sharad Pawar has given statement that if some one will again attack him, responsibility will go on Anna. Anna is going to sit on fast on 11th December, 2011 for Janlok Pal bill.
Helplessness Boils and Entire Nation is boiling in helplessness..

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